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My photography spans a range of subjects. At first I just dragged my camera with me whenever I was backpacking, then made a point of getting up for the sunrises when I was on vacation or the season was beautiful. It was always a passion for me but in college I lived in a household with 6 professional photography students and me. At this time my interest got more intense. Through extensive travel in Europe and Mexico, and almost a decade of living in Jackson Hole, I have seen a lot of beautiful places. I have also had a few adventures by planes trains and automobiles, as wells as bikes skis, and boats. All of these locations and adventures are represented in my work.

Photographic Portfolios

Old Portfolio

This is a collection of some images from over 15 years ago. At the time I was working with an advertising agency in Jackson Hole providing them stock images and had to organize all my images. At that time I took the opportunity to put together a portfolio and have the images scanned. It was a pretty big deal to digitalize images back in the day. Nowadays all I shoot is digital, but have 1000s of slides I will scan someday and put here.


Most of my work here is in Jackson Hole where I spent a lot of early mornings seeing the Tetons welcome the sun.


I started learning to fly in 2000. I spent 5 years flying small single engine planes as a student then as an instructor. I have been flying as a freight pilot in light twin engine aircraft for 3 years now and now fly the Metroliner. Here are some photos of and from the planes I have flown.


Whenever I participate in my sports I usually have my camera with me. It is amazing what you can get your friends to do when you have a camera in your hand, here is the photographic proof.


My camera goes with, when I travel. I have seen a lot of places through my viewfinder.