I live in Salt Lake City Utah with my fiance'. We are getting married in Maui this summer. I am a commercial pilot (no not an airline pilot, anyone who gets paid to fly is a commercial pilot). I fly for a freight company. We deliver for the larger freight companies. Delivering the overnight freight to cities in a 200 mile radius. Our official term is freight pilot or Freight Dogs.

While most americans use their career to define themselves. It is impossible not to as a freight dog. We spend 15+ hours a day away from home 5 days a week and spend 200+ days a year in a hotel room, its pretty hard not to let work define you. On the plus side I do have weekends off for the first time in my life.

One advantage to my schedule is I have lots of time in the hotel to work on my photography, and web-site. As summer roles around and the weather gets better and the days get longer I should have some more to write about other than sleeping and flying which defines my life now.

Please see my contact page to tell me what you think of my site so far.