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Aviation Photos

I have been flying since 2000. Previous to this time my photography covered a broad range of subjects. Since then most of my photography is based around aviation. Spending 60+ hours a week on the road or at the airport or working leaves room for little else. Fortunately I get to see the sunrise from inside an airplane 200+ days a year, which makes for a great photo opportunities.


I started flying for Ameirlight in the summer of 2006. It was my first job as a professional pilot outside of flight instructing. At Ameriglight we fly freight for banks, hospitals, medicines and for the big freight companys. It is a great opportunity to see the sunrise every morning. Having your alarm going off at 4a.m. 5 days a week is reminiscent of that scene in "GroundHog Day". It gets fatiguing, but at least I get to see the sunrise each morning. Portland was a beautiful place but a ghost town for aviation, so I only had 6 months there. Looking back I am amazed at how many great images I got in that little time.

The Blue Angels and N'awlins

This was my first airshow ever. It was quite an amazing event. I got to see F-86 one of my facvorite planes. There was also an f-14s, an A-10, Sean Tucker and a lot of other interesting planes. The hightlight was the Blue Angels in their F-18s.

Ameriflight 1840

I moved to Jackson Hole after college. In 2000 after 8 years there I left in search of career opportunities. In 2007 I was tranfered to my company's Salt Lake City base. This allowed me to fly to Jackson each day and visit my home. These photos are from the flight I take into Jackson.

Aviation Slide Shows

I have put together a slide show from string of images creating a video-like movie. You will have to download a program to run the videos, it is a quick and easy download. Once you download the extension just click on one of the shows to watch.