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This site is to act as a blog about my career, photography, hobbies and projects. It serves to act as a place to share information of my going ons.

My Hobbies and Interests


I started flying in 2000 and have been a full time pilot since 2003. I currently fly for Ameriflight for going on 3 years. Read more about my experience by checking out this link.


Potography has been a decades long passion. During the beginning of my aviation training I was not able to continue my photography at the same level. Now with my shedule at Ameriflight, I have 40+ hours a week in a hotel to work on my photo skills. I designed this website during these hours.

My Home

After 7 years of living in Jackson Wyoming, I realized it was a special place and one I wanted to make my home. With my moms assistance we looked around at houses but found nothing I liked, so started looking at property. We found this location in Hidden Ranch. Read about the journey of desigining and building my home

Topics I plan to cover on this site when time permits

Hobbies, projects and other things of interest (to me at least)